Walking the Path of Knowledge

This opportunity will rock your world,
and give you wings!

It is not for everyone.

But if you are serious about your personal growth
and spiritual development, 

If you are interested in powerful tools
and ancient knowledge to assist
your life and spiritual work…

 Then this program is for you!

This year-long training intensive will guide you to self-mastery and personal transformation by helping you to heal your past, cultivate expanded perception and developing a keen understanding of the elusive art of happiness, which is a learned skill!  The experience offers a rare opportunity to learn painless, reliable and practical methods for accelerated self-development, enhancing your awareness, health and brain power, and putting to rest the ghosts of your past and the apprehensions of the future, so that you may live fully in the present.

The program involves a series of seven full-day workshops*, held every other month for a year, blending profound discoveries from the frontiers of neuroscience, particle physics, epigenetics, energy medicine and energy psychology, with ancient teachings derived from the shamanic traditions of indigenous America: from those who have known for over a thousand years what scientists are just now “discovering” about the nature of time and personal reality.

Walking the Path of Knowledge is an intensive, small group, supportive learning atmosphere, limited to 8 participants to allow optimal opportunity for personal contact and thorough attention to personal concerns that arise during the course of the program.  By intensive, I mean that we will cover a lot of material, and you will explore yourselves and your personal medicine, learning numerous tools that will enable you to take charge of your life in a field of new possibilities. 

 And though it will challenge you,  I promise you that you will love it!  It will change your life in both subtle and dramatic ways.


“What Redtail teaches is based on science as well as the old wisdom of indigenous people. His knowledge is deep and practical and he shares it freely and without pretense.  If you are looking to really change your old patterns, if you are serious about clearing out the basement  so you can get on with it, Redtail is the man to see. ”             –  Nancy


Along-side the learning and personal mastery component is the transmission of ancient energetic initiation rites (traditionally called “karpis”, passed through my lineage from ancient times), which will be given in stages at each session.  

The rites will considerably upgrade your luminous energy field (energy body) and give protection from intrusive energies, among many other benefits that will accelerate your personal growth and perceptual abilities, and help you clear your genetic and personal “karma.”  The rites are an optional bonus and not necessarily part of the program, unless you choose to receive them ( although they are highly recommended).  I include them in the experience because they greatly enhance one’s ability to make use of what I will teach you!

This program also includes guidance in creating your own personal medicine stone bundle (called a mesa) that you will learn to use to accelerate and stabilize the process of your personal transformation and healing, and with which you will be able to assist the well-being of others and the balance of “situations” and environments as well in various ways that you will learn.  The mesa also provides a powerful pathway for the development of perceptual and healing skills.


“…Utilizing the many empowering tools I learned through this course I have greatly enhanced my personal journey with Spirit and continue to effect positive changes in my life at the energetic level ~ simple techniques that go deep and yield profound, lasting results…”    – Daphne 

You will  learn to employ ancient personal empowerment practices that will bring you into balance and harmony, enabling you to maintain and gain control of your energy body and bring light to all you do!  You will also learn how  to “travel” in your energy-body to the “worlds beyond the physical” to obtain spiritual help and guidance to heal yourself and others.

At the same time we will explore some of the latest scientific information coming from various fields related to personal development (knowledge that will give you an “unfair” advantage over most people) as well as refined practical applications of ancient wisdom that have the power to rapidly transform your life.

All you need is an open heart and a willingness to shift your perception.

Included in the cost of the program, you will have the option of receiving a free private session with me to assist you in your personal work, perhaps to  help you free yourself from what binds you to self-limiting beliefs and patterns that are no longer worthy of who you are becoming.  Also any other personal transformation or healing work you may wish to do with me will be available to you at half my usual fee during the duration of the program, and for one year afterward (see coaching opportunities)

The group will meet every two months (see dates below) throughout the year to give you time for practice and integration of what you learn.  Sessions will begin at 8:00 am and finish about 8:00 pm,  with a 1/2 hour break for lunch and a hour for dinner.  During the day, we will have discussions and activities, and in the evenings after dinner we will be doing ceremony and energetic rites.

 Hope to see you there!


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  “… Amazing … This class has been life changing for me!”  -Maritza 


  “…. a masterful teacher…empowers people…so that they can
become the  healthy and complete person they are meant to be.”


 “… a rare combination of humility and brilliance!”          -Madelina 


                             Join us and find YOUR wings!      

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                      DATES, DETAILS and REGISTRATION                                                                                                

Upcoming new groups:

              Bend, Oregon
Begins on  Saturday May 27, 2018.
Subsequent meeting dates will be 
July 28, September 29, November 24, 2018,
and January 19th, March 23, May 18, 2019

All dates are Saturdays


             Redding, California
Begins on  Saturday July 21, 2018
Subsequent meeting dates will be
September 22, November 10, 2018
and January 26th, March 30,  May 25, July 27, 2019

All dates are Saturdays


           Palo Cedro, California

Begins on Saturday September 22, 2018
Subsequent meeting dates will be
September 15, November 17, 2018
and January 19th, March 16,  May 18,  July 20,
September 21, 2019
All dates are Saturdays


* These classes are intensives.  Each session is a full day,
starting at 8 am and continuing until approximately 8 pm,
with short breaks as needed and longer breaks for lunch and dinner.

Tuition is  $1895
Includes a nonrefundable registration deposit of $495 to reserve your spot, due when registering.

Registration deadline is 2 weeks prior to the beginning date

    For May 27 in Bend: registration deadline is May 13

   For July 21 in Redding:  registration deadline is July 7 

It is recommended that you register well before the deadline,
as space is limited to 8.

Tuition balance ($1400) is due by the first session.

Please be certain in advance that you can commit to attending all seven sessions (see dates above)  The power of a small group intensive is largely in the commitment of the participants to support and encourage one another over the course of the program, wherein anyone dropping out  or unable to attend a session diminishes the quality of the experience for everyone.

Due to the intensive nature of this program, the planning involved over 12 months, and consideration to the others in the group,  all participants should be prepared to make this commitment.  Plan your schedule for the year wisely.

There will be no make-up classes or refunds after the first session. Registration is nonrefundable unless the class must be cancelled for whatever reason.

How to register:

Contact me and I will respond by email, and then by phone to answer any questions you may have and give you an address to send your registration payment.  You may also call me at 530-604-8653
or e-mail me through this site with any questions you may have.

You can use Pay Pal to register if that is convenient (links below) and then also contact me by email with your information.  Contact me  if you would rather pay by check.


Register now by PayPal:


Payment in Full:




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