Too Much Hucha

The shamans of of the Andes describe two kinds of energy: sami (saw-mee) and hucha (hoo-cha).   Sami is refined, life-force energy. Hucha is heavy, dense, distorted, degenerative energy.

They also say that we have way too much hucha in the world and far too little sami.

Only humans make hucha. It is everywhere that humans gather. It is a bi-product of our negative thoughts, beliefs, attitudes. It sticks to our biofield like dust on a table top, interfering with the functioning of our energy centers and the flow of sami, life force, which is vital to our well-being on all levels of our existence.

Hucha is the source of what interferes with our natural joy and causes disempowerment, illness, depression, fear, greed, violence. It is the residue of negativity and pain, struggle and anguish, shame and doubt. The beliefs you hold that the world– as you conceive of it– is a frightening and dangerous place; and that you are not enough to keep from drowning in its turbulance.

Hucha is what makes us sick, we need to get rid of it, like waste products, but we have forgotten how. Most of the growing population of the Earth no longer practice the old wisdom that speaks of this accumulation of toxic waste from our wounds and struggles, our own attitudes and those of others.

Clearing hucha

The ancient wisdom instructs us to give our hucha back to the Earth as a offering back to Life.
The shamans say that we are supposed give our Hucha back to the Earth for recycling. It’s what nature does. We are supposed to do that too. According to the teachings of the Inka, Pachamama, the Great Mother, loves hucha in much the same way that she likes compost. Recycled hucha increases her fertility. She processes it back into life-sustaining nutrition.

We are not supposed to hold on to our hucha any more than our fecal matter–or our past for that matter— which are related, by the way. And it is this “holding on” that keeps us from living in the present, the only point of time in which we have power.

Because we have largely forgotten how this is done, because we have cut ourselves off from the ancient wisdom that teaches us of the interdependence of all LIfe, we both overburden ourselves with hucha and “starve” Pachamama of compost.

When we rid ourselves of it our hucha freely, divest ourselves of it with gratitude as an offering, rather than accumulate and horde it, we are also fertilizing Mother Earth.

Just as making compost will enlighten you to the nature of Life (ask any good gardener), eliminating the hucha in your life by giving it as an offering to Mother Earth, will help you enourmously in many intangible ways, as well as helping us all with the critical problems we face. There is so much hucha that we are drowning in it…

Many of the ceremonies of indigenous people were to a large extent aimed at creating the container whereby the hucha can be released, and sami can be accumulated by “stepping out of time” and shifting perception, what we call “ceremonial consciousness.” It is an opportunity for healing the unresolved that clings to us, for turning from our minds to our hearts for guidance. If we do not heal it and release it, it will kills us slowly by overburdening us as well as the collective psyche, which is drowning in hucha.

This is something everyone can easily do. Clearing away the hucha is accomplished through an act of conscious intent in relation to the Earth Mother.

One of the ways that many indigenous people have learned to “give back the hucha” is by laying belly down on the Mother and praying to release the burdens they carry. Anger. Fear. Doubt. Emotional pain. Letting them go. Or just lay there feeling gratitude.

It is common wisdom in indigenous societies, though it is seldom explained or understood in terms of what exactly we are doing energetically when we do that. But it feels good, which should tell you something vital about this simple act.

There are many other ways to release your hucha. Going barefoot on the bare Earth. Regularly cleaning the “wheels of light,” the ” chakras” or energy centers of your biofield. Taking epsom salt baths, which help to neutralize the accumulation of toxic energy in the energy field as well as the accumulated hucha of others that tends to stick to us, particularly if we have an affinity for the energy others are projecting.

Get out in nature and let the trees and plants and waterfalls pull the hucha from you. Then be grateful. That also helps you release it. You can clean your “field” with a feather or with just your fingers, like pulling lint from a jacket. Flick it to the Earth, or into water. Just let it go.

You can even use a stone to collect the hucha– stones are good at this, they just need to be asked for their help. It is well known in the ancient wisdom of indigenous peoples that there is only consciousness, degrees of awareness; therefore stones are “conscious” too, at their own vibratory level. Most people are skeptical of this, but those who have worked with stones realize some of the potential there. They are anything but inert.

You can clear hucha by first charging a stone: by holding the stone at arms length above your head for a couple of minutes . This place above your head above your crown “chakra”,where your hands reach at full extension is call the Wirrakocha, or “source of the sacred” ( in Quechuan).   As you hold it there intend to “charge” it, then slowly draw the stone down through your energy field ( about 3-4 inches out from your body) all the way to the ground…then tap the stone lightly on the ground or floor with the intent of releasing the accumulated hucha to the Earth.

The main thing to know in dealing with hucha is that it interferes with the flow of sami (life force). It is everywhere people gather. It is accumulated by your own mental activity, and other people’s energetic projections. But you can restore the restricted flow in your energy field by releasing and grounding it to the Earth.

Suspend your disbelief for a bit and try it, everyday for a few weeks and see how you feel. Proof is in the results.