A sampling of what people are saying…

I recently finished The Path of Knowledge year-long class. Redtail is a very talented, wise and enthusiastic teacher with a great sense of humor. In addition to the Andean Q’ero and other Shamanic teachings, he is well-educated in human psychology, history, ecology and so much more. He skillfully weaves in cutting-edge, scientifically-backed research on the latest epigenetic and brain studies, and nutritional enhancements for maximum results. Redtail is a tremendous resource, constantly studying and applying different ways to engage our HUMAN connection with all of nature and each other ~ integrating and sharing his broad and vital knowledge with all interested in self-healing and being part of the growing league of planetary healers. It begins with each one of us.
Utilizing the many empowering tools I learned through this course I have greatly enhanced my personal journey with Spirit and continue to effect positive changes in my life at the energetic level ~ simple techniques that go deep and yield profound, lasting results.
Thank you so much, Redtail, for your heartfelt contribution to me, and to humanity and the planet! I am honored to be a Mesa carrier in your lineage!

Daphne Free      Redding, CA

 What Redtail teaches is based on science as well as the old wisdom of indigenous people. His knowledge is deep and practical and he shares it freely and without pretense.  If you are looking to really change your old patterns, if you are serious about clearing out your basement so you can get on with it, Redtail is the man to see for guidance.

Nancy Wallen     Chico, CA

Redtail has some magic worth learning! I love his sense of humor, his remarkable insight and his open-hearted way with people he helps. I also love how he treats people’s questions and concerns with compassion and respect, holding them gently while giving a good lesson too that challenges you to look a little deeper to find the brilliance and answers within your own self.

Gary KnepperParadise, CA

 I have not been able to connect with my spirit for a very long time. I am so extremely grateful to Redtail and his ability to teach us in a manner that allowed me to really look inside myself and reach my soul.  I usually distrust most guides, leaders, counselors and authorities, as I feel disconnected with them at some level. But not so with Redtail. He doesn’t go into a lot of detail about his own personal life or try to make analogies or have me placing blame on someone else, which makes it easy to talk with him. Also the material he offers is laid out so that it is easy to follow and make use of it. The best thing is that I have been helped to release my feminine spiritual power, validating that it’s okay to be female, which I have never felt before. I will be forever grateful! My hopes are high again, and I have them flying around me now filling my head with more song than sorrow.

Sheila McKracken    Redding, CA

Redtail is a very wise man! The only complaint I have about him is that he lives too far away for me to see him regularly for a “tune-up.” So I mostly have to settle for the phone. I have been in several of his classes , and he mentored me on two vision quests. They have all been extremely helpful, and remarkably just what I needed at the time.  As a therapist, I have consulted with him regarding my difficult cases and he has always been extremely helpful, giving me new perspectives and encouragement. He is very open and responds to questions with patience and enthusiasm. Even more important than the amazing content of what he teaches is his humble manner and the infectious excitement he transfers to his students so that they can readily make use of the information he gives, making it their own! I have been to a lot of workshops during my career and have found this to be a rare quality.

Dan Holzer    Sacramento, CA

 I have been attending Redtail’s classes for the last year and also taking his year-long workshop: Walking the Path of Knowledge. I always leave with a sense of clarity within myself and confidence in the growth in my own path. He allows people to really explore who they are with no judgment and a safe environment. I have learned so much about myself and how to explore the world around me. Discussions always seem to be divinely guided to what the group is going through and have served as profound tools in my everyday processing and challenges. As a healer it has changed my work so much and expanded my knowledge and intuition. I am very grateful for the opportunity I have had in being in this class. Redtail is an amazing teacher who guides you and allows you to follow your heart and be in your power. This class has been life changing for me! 

Maritza Moreno     Chico, CA

I feel blessed to have found Redtail’s Path of Knowledge group, not only because his mastery of the teachings is profound. but also because he has the sensitivity, intelligence, compassion, and experience to help one navigate the most difficult emotional challenges and life transitions with awareness and grace.  He is a rare combination of humility and brilliance! 

Madelina Corona     Redding, CA

I have learned so much from Redtail.  He is a phenomenal teacher and healer.  The “life-training” I have received working with him and taking his workshops has changed me dramatically.  People who know me see it too. I feel so much more authentic and certain of my path. He taught me how to live from my heart and I am very grateful for his guidance!”

Sam Morris– Long Island, NY

The things I have learned from Redtail have helped me a lot in my life, and probably saved my marriage!

Barton Roberts– Roseburg, OR

I have never met anyone like Redtail . He helped me get rid of my migraines in less than an hour!  That’s was just for starters.  I am amazed at that given how long I suffered. No other doctors could help except with drugs, which I almost died from. 45 minutes with Redtail, and I never had another one.  I touch base with him regularly now and he always knows just what I need to get through whatever tangle I’m in… while teaching me how NOT to get tangled in the first place.

Janet Felder   Chico, CA

I am not easily impressed. But Redtail impresses me, especially how he humbly carries a deep wisdom of the Earth and profound understanding of people. He is one of the most gifted counselors and spiritual guides out there. I know this because I have met many who advertised much but were completely full of themselves when it came to it, which is useless to me.  He clearly loves teaching others what he knows, and he knows a lot, I can tell you.

Jorge Neisbit   Moscow, ID.

Redtail is a masterful teacher who empowers people to explore the depths of their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual person; so that, they can become the healthy and complete person they are meant to be. Through cutting edge psychology and time-tested spiritual practices, he helps people shed the wounds and limitations of the past, to become deliberate masters in their own lives.

Bernie Kelly -Middle School Teacher – Redding, CA

Redtail helped me cut to the chase with the baggage I carried through two divorces and a bankruptcy. Things I saw as failures, Redtail helped me to see as gifts, resources of strength and well-learned lessons. He has helped me heal what has been elusive for years, stuff I could never get a hold of in therapy, which I did for a long time without much success, wasted a lot of money, until a friend suggested I contact Redtail.  An hour with this man can change your life dramatically!

Lauren Jenkins    Mt. Shasta, CA

I have been privileged to know and work with Redtail in many different contexts and have grown to respect him in many ways. He is absolutely brilliant and has a rare talent of recognizing the underlying dimensions of where people get stuck, as well as show them the way out of the labyrinth to peace and personal power. I recommend him to anyone who wants to heal their past and reclaim their present. Give yourself a powerful gift and sign up for a class or see him for a personal session.

Sarah Morrison     Campbell, CA

I met Redtail at my first Sun Dance several years ago, where he was one of the “helpers” (ceremony leaders). It was the hardest thing I have ever done finishing that first dance.   I credit him with getting me through it and helping me open my heart to myself! One of the few leaders/ teachers who leads by example rather than by directive. I have since worked with him on many personal issues. He has helped me shed the old skin of my past and create a whole new life for myself.  Redtail helped me to truly love and respect myself and clear away the patterns of my life that kept me from the kind of relationships I wanted. And now I have it and more! Whoohoo! I love this guy!

Harry Matthews     Klammath Falls, OR

I’ve made some huge transitions in my life over the past few years that have necessitated substantial shifts in the way I view the world. Frankly, I’ve really struggled at times. I’ve known Redtail now for about seven years and always admired the way he moved through the world with integrity. The most important shift I’ve experienced in my adult life has come through implementing the things I’ve learned from him. My life is unfathomably richer because of them. I  recommend Redtail to anyone seeking a more holistic, harmonic way of Being.”

Eric Marley      Bend, OR


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