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                        Walking the Path of Knowledge

     This is a unique year-long journey of self-transformation, held in seven full day workshops over the course of the year, at two-month intervals.   A new group begins every two to three months.    Small group intensive.  Space is limited to eight participants each cycle to ensure maximum personal contact and an an intimate learning environment. Click in the title above for more information.

Upcoming programs:

starting  May 26, 2018                            in Bend, Oregon

starting  July 21st, 2018                          in  Redding, California

starting September 15th, 2018           in Palo Cedro, California 


                           Finding Your Wings Retreat
                                        Coming Soon

This is a new 3-day self-empowerment retreat program  to be held near Mt Shasta, California, and near Bend, Oregon.  The program is designed for would-be activists and seekers of spiritual upliftment, to give you powerful tools to reach beyond your learned limitations,  clearing your fate (derived from your past), creating your own destiny,  and developing skills in the highest form of activism: healing and empowering yourself to be the change you seek.  This program will offer the latest discoveries in neuroscience and personal development technology, blended with the timeless wisdom of both Northern and Southern medicine traditions of the Americas. Powerful energetic rites of spiritual initiation are included in the program.

Stay tuned for more information and dates  forthcoming soon!! 

                           2018 Vision Quest Camp 

This is a semi-traditional hanblecheya camp in the Lakota tradition, led by Redtail and other veteran Sun-dancers.  Includes 2 days of preparation, teachings and “sweat lodge” ceremonies, and 4 full days of fasting in solitude.  Space is limited to 12.  Conducted on a donation basis.  Participants must bring a helper/supporter and expect pay their share of costs for food and camp supplies for themselves, their helper and guide staff.

This is only for individuals committed to accelerating their spiritual growth.  Application is required. Inquire about vision quest by contacting Redtail here

June 20-26th
Eagle Mountain Retreat and Sacred Land
near Mt. Shasta in Northern California

 We are sorry. This year’s vision quest program if full. Interested participant for next year’s vision quest programs should sign up by March.  Details on that program will be forthcoming later this year. There will be two programs next year,  in June and September respectively. Exact dates are yet to be decided.


Eagle Mountain Retreat Camp, about 35 miles from Mt. Shasta on the borders of the Trinity Alps wilderness area.