Coaching and Mentoring

Major transitions and forward leaps are seldom successfully navigated alone.

Challenging transformations usually occur when working with someone else, and individual or group, that can support and guide you skillfully through the process and help you avoid the pitfalls along the way.

As an African proverb observes:
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

I can help you with

  •    Forging a career, business or life’s work

  •    Making big changes in your personal life

  •    Healing from trauma

  •    Overcoming the negative conditioning of childhood

  •    Letting go of old patterns that bog you down

  •    Taking your game to a higher level of performance and success

  •    Finding a partner worthy of you 

  •    Creating great relationships

  •    Navigating the often confusing work of spiritual awakening

  •    And much more …


Often in our culture we are taught to do everything by ourselves
(or try to) which frequently results in spinning our wheels, failed attempts, harsh self-judgements, and worst of all, giving up altogether.  It happens to most of us all too frequently.

I want something different for my clients and students.

I work hard to empower and inspire them from a place of love and encouragement to chart a steady course toward their own unique vision for who and what they want to be, how they want to creatively express their lives.

Many of us feel profoundly called to be part of something bigger than ourselves. This is particularly true in these intensely challenging times, with so much change in the wind, when so much hangs in the balance, when each of us are needed to become more conscious!

If you are looking for knowledge and tools to to empower and inspire you, you have come to the right place!

I can guide you on a journey of discovery that will help you transform your conditioning and limiting beliefs, and bring your unique talents and gifts to light so that you can live the fullest life possible.

From over forty years of experience working with people to change their lives, I have synthesized a wide range of information, from ancient wisdom to cutting-edge science, to help you find YOUR wings.

I can show you how:

  • To break free from what holds you back in your life

  • To awaken your deepest awareness to heal yourself
    and the  world around you.

  • To achieve your boundless potential
    for an extraordinary life

  •  To create a life around doing what you love,
     which will also be the greatest service you can give!

Your greatest contribution to the evolvement of the human species is to evolve consciously rather than remaining stuck in the cycles of repetition and suffering that we all create for ourselves.

It is not so important that everyone do this, but it is imperative that enough of us do.  It only takes a relatively small number of conscious beings to push the collective to critical mass.

My mentoring is designed to guide you and support you, to teach you transformational power tools, to help you with your blind spots and to assist you in healing and neutralizing whatever is in your way.

 I will show you how to step fully into your power and claim your destiny!

I can only offer premium private mentoring to 10 people at a time, so that I can give you my best service. Usually I have only one or two openings per month as people finish their work at different rates depending on their goals.

I do not work on a session by session basis, because few of us ever accomplish anything of importance overnight.  I am interested in results, not bandaids. To get results requires commitment.

Most people enroll in a mentoring or coaching program for 3-6 months. Some, with extraordinary goals, work with me for longer periods.

It is important that you understand something however. We will be taking a serious look at what needs to change in your life in order for you to move forward and accomplish your goals. If you are not ready for that, you should wait until you are.


How to take advantage of this opportunity


You can contact me by clicking here

You will to receive a complimentary 30-minute introductory coaching session before you enroll.

After you enroll in one of my coaching programs, your sessions will begin as openings occur on a first-come basis.  I’ll set you up for an appointment to fill the first available opening, which is usually only a couple of weeks out.

Sessions usually run about 60-90 minutes, once a week, with additional  check-in calls as often as you need them to keep you on track and trouble-shoot issues as they occur.

I will also provide you with support materials as needed, customized to your needs and intentions.

Sessions can be conducted by telephone, or in person at my office if you can get to Redding, California.

Coaching and Mentoring Rate Details  

The minimum coaching contract is 3 months.

        3 months      $1800.                

        6 months      $3400.          Save 10% 

Most people work with me for 3-6 months, although more challenging issues can require more time.  Longer programs include considerable savings.

You can also elect to extend your program month-to-month as needed upon completion of the minimum three month program at a base rate of $835 per month. 

You may also elect to pay in installments for whatever program you choose.  Installment payments are billed in advance at $850, every 4 weeks, which includes a small installment fee.

To receive the quantity discount you must pay for the entire program when you enroll.

When you complete your enrollment period, if you decide to continue working with me, the discount will apply to subsequent sessions if you enroll and pay in advance for a minimum of an additional 3 months.

You schedule your free introductory session by contacting me here.


Group programs

Alternatively you can choose to work with me through one of my periodic group programs, which include workshops, intensives and retreats. You will find information on these programs by clicking here.

Aside from the year long spiritual initiation intensive, Walking the Path of Knowledge, which is limited to 8 participants, my group programs usually have between 20-40 people, which means that I cannot give everyone exclusive attention like you would get from private coaching. The advantage of private sessions is considerable.

 Contact me to arrange your free introductory consultation.

Thank-you for your interest. I look forward to working with you.

 Have a fabulous day!


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