Why do I need a coach?

  • Have you ever felt that you sabotage your relationships, your job, or the opportunities of your life?

  • Do you ever feel stuck in some aspect of your life and not know why?

  • Are you frustrated with repeating patterns of behavior, fears or emotional reactivity that interfere with your relationships, career, goals, potential or the performance of your highest capabilities?

  • Is there something you want to accomplish, a skill you want to learn, a goal or job you desire that remains beyond your reach despite your efforts?

  • Are you trying to reach a higher plateau of personal performance or accomplishment, but are having difficulty breaking through your current ceiling?

  • Have you missed opportunities because you procrastinate or have fears like public speaking that get in the way?

  • Are you looking for a loving relationship, but cannot seem to find the kind of person you want to be with?

  • Do you have fears that hold you back from achieving your goals?

  • Do you ever tell yourself that you are “not enough:” not smart enough, capable enough, lovable, worthy, attractive, deserving…?

  • Do you want to lose weight or stop smoking or eat healthier or start an exercise program, but cannot muster the consistency of action necessary to be successful making the change?

  • Are you searching for higher cognitive abilities and spiritual expansion?

  • Are you looking to make a transition in your life and need some clarity or guidance in getting to where you want to be from where you are now?

If you can say yes to anyone of the above, coaching could make all the difference for you.

 A coach is not the same as a therapist, though there are similarities, and I have done both. A coach essentially helps people create the life they want by teaching them how separate destiny from fate, shift their perception, master their fears, engage the natural principles of how the world really works, clear away the limits they place on themselves—both consciously and unconsciously, and create a specific and workable plan to reach their goal.

One of the more important things I can help you with is identifying and removing hidden obstacles that stand in the way of your success.  Often we have unconscious beliefs, attitudes, and agreements we have made with our selves—usually for self-protection in some way. We also carry the emotional and energetic residue of past wounds that still influence us and get in the way of our efforts to change our lives or break out of old patterns. 

The lion’s share of most people’s experience is unconscious, below the surface of awareness.  For most people it is  difficult to even access— much less change.  And this is why so many people have trouble changing the patterns of their lives.  The most important thing I can do for you is to help you transform or eliminate outdated or unproductive patterns that run your life from behind the scenes, based on emotionally charged networks in  your brain, “programs” recorded sometime in the past.

They probably served you once in some way that you needed then, but that’s in the past, and now they probably  hold you back from your potential and your emotional freedom.  We all have these types of internal programs that determine the patterns of our life.  Some are useful, like the habit of brushing your teeth or driving a car (which is largely an unconscious act once your body-mind has learned how), but many are simply replays of the past that do not allow for any flexibility. Consequently, the same emotional and behavioral patterns keep repeating in our lives.

I can help you change all this, find your wings, and take charge of you own programming.

Thanks to a convergence of ancient wisdom and modern science, these unconscious patterns are more easily changed than you might suppose.

My clients work with me on a variety of life issues, places where they are stuck. Some are working to achieve some important goal that has beckoned them for years.  Some need to manage chronic pain without drugs or change certain patterns that prevent them for getting what they want in their lives.

More and more I am seeing people who seek personal mastery and spiritual expansion, a deeper connection to a destiny that they sense, but which has eluded them.   Some of my clients are pursuing better relationships, personal excellence or higher performance in some area of their lives. Some  want to make a difference in changing the world in some way and realize that to do so, or to get different results than they are getting, they must first change themselves.

Some people simply want to learn how to get out of their own way and expand their possibilities.

A common concern is with the issue of lack of abundance and questions like these:

  • Why can’t I seem to get what I want, even though I work hard
    and do my best?

  • Why doesn’t the “secret” law of attraction seem to work for me?

  • Why do I keep getting passed over for that promotion?

  • Why do I keep getting involved with the same person in a different dress?

  • Why can’t I meet the right person for me?

  • What is it that keeps me from creating what I want?

  • Why can’t I lose weight, stop smoking, stick to that plan….?

  • Why do I procrastinate so much?

Depending on your goals, I can help you widen your perspective and eliminate the attitudes, beliefs or mind-sets that impede your efforts, while teaching you power-tools to optimize your health, relationships, business, performance, abundance or spiritual awareness.

My favorite thing is helping people who want to optimize their health, brain power and spiritual awareness.  It is fun and extremely rewarding to work with people to expand their perception, raise their vibration, or remove whatever blocks them from the higher connection they seek.  If you are struggling with the “growing pangs” of spiritual awakening, I can help you make optimal use of your opportunities to grow and expand your awareness.   

I also coach my clients through other personal life issues and to augment healing or important life-transition work, as needed, like grief of loss or other traumas.   I use state-of-the-art mind-set tools and meridian tapping techniques, such as NLP and EFT, to make it easy and fun to do all the things that make business, relationships and life in general, successful and fulfilling.

Depending on your needs, coaching may also include nutritional counseling, utilizing the latest research findings of neuroscience regarding brain repair, and methods for “upgrading” consciousness and cognitive functioning, and preventing dementia.  When we repair the brain cell mitochondria  (damaged to varying degrees in most people due to poor nutrition, chronic inflammation and toxic overload) through nutrition and certain other practices, we generate new neural pathways, creating an epigenetic environment that better supports the self-healing capabilities of body, mind and soul— a potential that we all possess, but for most of us, lies latent and unexpressed.

I can help you discover the vibrant health, personal power, abundance, happiness and fulfillment that comes with clear vision and emotional freedom.

My commitment

I only work with people who are serious about getting results!

My commitment is to helping you achieve mastery over whatever blocks you from success at whatever your intentions are.  I work hard to guide you to maximize your results, and in return I expect that you will do your part as well to make use of what I teach you and follow-through with your own commitment.

Your commitment

Your commitment is demonstrated initially by your willingness to invest in yourself and make it happen.  

The results you are after will only come with your diligence.  It usually takes more than just a session or two to achieve enduring outcomes with any issue; and enduring outcomes are what I am interested in.  Therefore, to encourage you to make a commitment to yourself, I have made it considerably less expensive to work with me through a package arrangement.

Coaching packages give you a great deal.  The longer the contract, the more you get, the better your results will be, and the substantially lower will be the per hour cost to you.   As a reference point, my single-session rate is $145.

Coaching can be arranged from this website by
filing out a contact form here

Sessions can be conducted either in person (if you live in the Redding/Northern California area) or by telephone if you live elsewhere.

Sessions are approximately 60-90 minutes, depending on your needs, and the complexity of your situation.

The first session is complimentary, which means that I will meet with you or speak with you by telephone initially for 20-30 minutes at no charge to determine if and how I can help you and to answer any questions you may have.  If at that point we agree to work together, you may make an appointment for a longer session or enroll in one of the following contract packages.


                                 Coaching Packages

Single session  – $145


 Good Deal
   Self-Starter Package  –   just $480.
Includes 4 sessions, plus written support materials as needed
and 4 e-mail exchanges if necessary.

SELF-STARTER Package – Full payment: $480.

Great Deal

  Ultra Package  – 
only $1150.
Includes 10 sessions, written support materials
and up to 10 e-mail exchanges

ULTRA Package – Full Payment: $1150.

ULTRA Package – 3 Monthly Installments of $390.00.

Even Better Deal
  Pro package   – only $1635
Includes 15 sessions, written support materials as needed
and e-mail exchanges for the duration of the contract

PRO Package -Full Payment of $1635.

PRO Package – 3 Monthly Installments of $546

Best deal
Mastery package
only $2490.
Includes 25 sessions, written support materials
and e-mail support throughout.

As a bonus, you also receive an  opportunity to attend one of my premium live workshop programs at 50% off. This offer is good for TWO years from the date of your enrollment in a coaching contract,

and an autographed copy of my forthcoming book
             Walk like a Fox, Dance like an Eagle

Plus a locked-in lifetime coaching cost of only $90* per
session, at need…that is, whenever you think you might like to touch base with me, for whatever reason.

*customary single session fee  is $145.

MASTER Package -Full Payment of $2490.

MASTER Package – 3  Monthly Installments of $840.


Coaching packages are 20% off for students of my programs, those who are concurrently enrolled in a group program at the time of enrollment in a coaching package, or have attended a program within the past six-months, or are registered for an upcoming program. 

To claim this discount, just ask me and I will adjust your cost accordingly.

Coaching packages or scheduled sessions with me ( by phone or in person) can be utilized in any way that you like, and you have 18 months to complete the package, be it 4 sessions or 25. 

                                    Payment options

When you enroll in a coaching package, full payment is due prior to the first sechuled session for whatever package you select.

You may sign up for a coaching package or to ask questions by contacting me by e-mail or by telephone


If we both agree to work together during your complimentary session, you can arrange and pay for the coaching package of your choice using Pay Pal (below) or by sending a check to

                                                   Jim Collins, PhD

             1650 Oregon Street, Suite 205, Redding, CA 96001.

For telephone consultations, payment must be received before the first scheduled appointment. 

Sessions can be entirely by telephone or by meeting with me at my Redding (California) office, or any combination of the two.  Sessions are approximately 90 minutes, depending on your needs, and the complexity of your situation.  I am also available to work with you for a “marathon session” by special arrangement, where we would meet for a half day (4-6 hrs) for for same cost as the 4 session package ($480.)   This arrangement may be preferable if you come from a considerable distance to work with me.

 Contact me now to arrange a free consultation.


For your convenience, you can book sessions by pay pal below or above on this page,  or send me a check. Either way you choose, please contact me through this site and leave me a telephone number and I will contact you to schedule.

Thank-you for your interest.

 Have a fabulous day!


Sign up now 

SELF-STARTER Package – Full payment: $480.

ULTRA Package – Full Payment: $1150.

ULTRA Package – 3 Monthly Installments of $390.

PRO Package -Full Payment of $1635.

PRO Package – 3 Monthly Installments of $546.

MASTER Package -Full Payment of $2490.

MASTER Package – 3  Monthly Installments of $840.


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