This is an exciting and challenging time to be alive, as many people are awakening spiritually to the truth of who they are, and to the way the world actually works (contrary to what most of us are taught and conditioned to believe).

Many of us are also experiencing a great deal of fear and uncertainty as we struggle to bring our lives into harmony with our awakening and eliminate what no longer serves who we are becoming. Uncertainty is a primary human fear and blocks us from our possibilities.

I have also found that the most common thing that prevents people from achieving success, fulfilling relationships, enduring happiness, optimal health or spiritual expansion lies in unresolved wounds and emotional experiences: patterns of the past that give rise to self-limiting beliefs and thoughts that interfere with conscious intentions.  In fact, I believe that unresolved toxic emotions and self-limiting beliefs are the mother of all illness and dysfunction, as well as what blocks us from self-realization and personal power.

Drawing upon what I have learned over the last forty years as a psychotherapist, shamanic teacher and personal coach, I help people get beyond the chains that bind them to the patterns of the past, to find their wings and take flight into their destiny.

I believe that the greatest thing you can do to help evolve the world is to first uplift yourself, to release the past, find success and happiness and  expand your awareness; for in doing so, you in turn help everyone you encounter to do the same, whether you are aware of it or not. And due to the so-called “ripple effect,” your uplifted and evolving spirit affects the collective in subtle and profound ways.  As the Lakota mysteries teach, mitakuye oyasin, we are all relatives; and by that they mean that there is truly only ONE of us here.

My unique experiences have given me a rich perspective, from which I am able to guide people past their personal wounds and self-limiting beliefs to personal potency…and to their destiny.

My passion is helping you to be successful in whatever is important to you, whether it be a vocation or business success, sports or academic achievement, finding the right partner, making relationships work, overcoming chronic pain, illness or emotional struggle, reaching a cherished goal that has eluded you, or expanding your perception and spiritual awareness. 

I offer personal coaching and programs to uplift and empower you beyond what blocks you from the life you want, to help you find the wings of your true spirit, and further you along the road to your spiritual expansion, and your destiny.

It is easy to contact me by e-mail through this website with any questions you may have, or you may call my Redding office at 530-604-8653 and arrange a free introductory telephone consultation.  While you are here, be sure to check out the current opportunities being offered to enhance your journey.

Have a fabulous day.              


Jim ‘Redtail’ Collins, Ph.D.