Hello.  My name is Jim Collins. Most people call me Redtail.

I am driven by the conviction that each of us has the potential for greatness!

My specialty is helping people find their wings!

It is not accident that you have found your way here.  Perhaps you are more conscious than most and are drawn to further uplifting yourself beyond the learned limitations that fence your reality.  

I can show you how to heal your emotional wounds, master your fears, transform your limited beliefs, uncover the deepest truths of your soul and purpose, and integrate them into your daily life– thus doing your part in transforming the world!

It is time for those who are conscious to become MORE conscious.  The world desperately needs for us to do so!

I have come to understand that the most powerful form of activism lies in personal transformation, in learning to perceive with the eyes of the heart rather, than the assumptions of conditioning, in order to expand awareness. 

By doing so, I have noticed the world around me also transforms dramatically. 

The pursuit of this work has not only uplifted me as an individual, but also everyone around me!    I have seen this not only in my own life and spiritual path, but also with MANY individuals that I have had the pleasure to work with and learn from over the years.

When we come to realize that we can stop trying to change anyone or anything else– which is a complete waste of time and energy.  All we really need to do is uplift ourselves. 

That is where the magic is!

Uplifting yourself is an act of love that improves the lives all who know you.  And to the extent that you carry emotional wounds and lack self-acceptance, for whatever reason,  your capacity to serve others and GIVE love is likewise impaired.  The fact is, if we do not engage in the work of personal upliftment, we cannot really help anyone else either, and we are therefore powerless in transforming the world, no matter how much we crusade for change!  You cannot fill any one’s cup from an empty pitcher.

As Ghandi observed, we must become the change.

If it is your desire to do your part to heal the world, you must begin with yourself!  You must fill your own pitcher before you can fill any one else’s cup.  You must uplift yourself first.


Many people are frustrated these days, both with the direction of their own lives and with the dysfunctions of our culture and the world.  Many of us desire to be able to impact the world in a positive way, to create more happiness, more love, more cooperation, more peace, more fulfilling relationships and abundance in our lives and in the lives of others.  Are you among them?

But transformation is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve all by yourself.    And the power to uplift yourself is best accomplished with experienced mentorship. It’s a ‘hard row to hoe’ alone.

Often we are stuck in patterns and limited beliefs learned long ago that no longer serve who we are becoming or what we desire to express in our lives.

Many of us are blocked by fears, wounds and disappointments of the past that hold us in bondage, like computer programs endlessly repeating the mantra “I am not good enough.”  You would probably be surprised at how common that is.  

Even if others believe we are kind, generous and worthy, we often do not quite believe that about ourselves.  It is the biggest challenge most people face.  No matter how much we do or how much we give, most of us feel inadequate. Go ahead an raise your hand.

Whatever it comes from, wherever we learned it, most of us secretly hold beliefs which render us impotent to effectively change much of anything, dooming us to repetitive struggle.  It is epidemic in our culture. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

The truth is you ARE already enough! 

In fact, each of us is uniquely extraordinary… and power-full… beyond anything you have ever known. But most of us live as pale shadows of our true selves, blind to our gifts and possibilities.

Believe me, I have been stuck there myself.  I am fortunate to have broken through those learned limitations with the mentorship of others who have gone before me and helped me understand what held me back and how to blaze a new trail for my life.

So in recognition of those who have helped me, I offer mentorship to anyone who is ready to change and create a new destiny.  I am confident that I can help you help you clear away whatever blocks you and tap into the power that already resides within you.

I bring a rather unique background of over four decades blending the leading edges of science with the ancient wisdom of the Americas discovering powerful possibilities for personal transformation.  While very little of what I know is a creative idea of my own,  I  have spent years studying healing wisdom from university hospitals to remote villages and indian reservations.  I am fortunate to have worked with many accomplished healers and innovators, gathering extensive experience as a psychotherapist, personal coach, wilderness guide, herbalist, shamanist, energy healer, educator and ceremonialist.

A full initiate in the lineage of the Laika shamans of Peru and a many-time Sundancer in the Lakota sacred tradition, I also hold advanced degrees in psychology, neuroscience and integrated ecology, and expert training in hypnotherapy and multiple forms of energy medicine.  I have taught at several colleges, managed a busy consulting practice for over 30 years, and organized and led hundreds of workshops,  transformational retreats, ceremonies and rites-of-passage.   Since 1990, I have mentored over 60 vision questers,  and served as an advisor and helper to several Sun Dance chiefs. 


I have come to understand that each individual has an inherent power to transform our world by clearing the personal blocks and limiting beliefs that have kept them trapped in old patterns.

Enlightenment and abundance…and personal potency… comes automatically when you do this because it is your natural state… and your soul is already there!  It is our own work to do, and we must do it ourselves, but it difficult to accomplish by yourself.

First we must understand how the universe really works–because it is NOT as it appears– and learn to behave accordingly!

Once you clear what holds you back, you can probably do just about anything you set your mind to!

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The opportunity before you:

If you are feeling stuck, wanting to break free from all that has blocked you  from the life you seek and the impact you would like to make, I offer coaching and mentoring, as well as educational and transformational opportunities –workshops, retreats, vision quests, ceremonies and spiritual initiation– for those who desire to change their life and are committed to results.

I am accessible in-person (in Northern California) or by telephone and e-mail (everywhere else).

Contacting me is easy.  Just click here and fill out the contact form.  Or you can just call me at 530-604-8653.

I check in every day, except when I am at a retreat or event in a remote location beyond the reach of telecommunications, in which case I check back as soon as I return.  If you do not hear back from me immediately, that is why.  Please be patient, and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Go ahead and give me a call ( or fill out a contact form).  You’ll be glad you did!

Let me help you find YOUR wings!

Remember to believe in yourself (or no one else will…) and follow your heart.  And may you bring beauty to all that you do!

Have a tremendous day.

Big love!









   Jim ‘Redtail’ Collins, PhD