My passion is helping people to self-mastery,
happiness and personal potency.

My passion is help people reach their full potential for happiness,  for creating the life you want

My coaching and the tools I can show you will transform your life from control by unconscious programs, many of which you didn’t even write yourself, to a creative work of art under your own direction!

Drawing on over forty years of experience from the leading edges of science with ancient wisdom of America’s indigenous people, I can help you optimize your life: your health, happiness, success, relationships, personal potency, brain power and spiritual awareness.




 We have come to a time when the wisdom teachings of ancient times are naturally interweaving with a new science of consciousness and unified energy to birth a new understanding that can be of enormous benefit to everyone.

We now have many new non-invasive and relatively simple technologies to heal and clear the residue of the past that still interferes with your life and your potential.   You can easily apply the methods I can teach you to improve your relationships and align yourself with optimal health, uncommon success and extraordinary wellness.

I can help you to break down your goals into simple action plans and keep you on track until you get the results you desire. Together we can identify hidden challenges and limited beliefs that block your success, and I will show you effective tools to transform them and find your wings!

Employing ancient self-development practices along techniques derived from the most powerful discoveries of science, I can help you upgrade your DNA and energetic bio-field for perceptual expansion.

I can show you how to work on personal issues from a higher level of engagement than you are accustomed to, which will increase your leverage for problem-solving and align you with what you want.

The tools I can teach you are both simple and powerful. Using them will transform your life, aligning you with harmony, wellness and abundance.

You can work with me by enrolling in one of my coaching programs to help you with personal goals in the pursuit of expanded awareness.  Or you can involve yourself in group learning opportunities (workshops, classes, retreats) that will immerse you in powerful practices that will rapidly improve your life beyond the extraordinary.

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